About Us

In 2013, Nuri Moseinco graduated from the European School of Luxembourg I. Starting his gap year, he decided he would build a website to facilitate the purchase of books for European School students in Luxembourg. He started working on the website in September 2013 and after months of work, he finished it in May 2014. With the help of his father Marcelo he created what is now known as EuroBooks.

In 2014, EuroBooks enjoyed a very successful first year, as students and parents from both European Schools of Luxembourg  saved a total €1.712 and recouped a total of €2.854 through EuroBooks.

In 2015, EuroBooks became available to the students of the primary schools. This year, we hope to provide our services to even more students and parents, helping people save more money on buying books and recoup more money from their sold books.