How it works

EuroBooks will remain closed for this year. However, if you create an account on, you will be the the first to be notified when Eurobook opens again!

EuroBooks closes for purchases on September 1. It will not be possible to buy books after that date. It is not possible to drop off books anymore, and all books that have been dropped off need to be picked up by September 4.


  • To use this website you must be at least 16 years old; or if you are under 16 years of age, you must have obtained your parent’s or guardian’s consent to sell your items to us.
  • Prices are defined by EuroBooks.
  • Eurobooks reserves the right to refuse any book that fails to meet the necessary standards (i.e. Book looks like new. No ripped or missing pages. Cover and binding are fully intact. No pen or pencil writing in the book).
  • On this website, all the books are listed in ISBN-13 format. To convert from ISBN-10 to ISBN-13, go to

How it all works

Getting started

If you are interested in buying or selling a book on you have to sign up on the website.


Before you consider selling your books, please make sure that they are in good conditions: book looks like new; no ripped or missing pages; cover and binding are fully intact; no pen or pencil writing in the book.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your books are as clean as possible:

  • remove all the labels

  • erase any pencil writing

  • erase any pen writing 

Eurobooks reserves the right to refuse any book that fails to meet the necessary standards.

To sell your books, please drop them off at 11 An Den Azengen, Uebersyren, L-5380, Luxembourg during the opening times.


Note: EuroBooks opens for purchases on 29 June 2016. Before that date, you are only able to sell books. 

To buy a book you have to search for it on the website. If the book is not available, you can click on "Notify Me!" and fill in your details to be notified when the book becomes available. During checkout, you can choose a pick up date. On that date you can pick up your books from the store (11 An Den Azengen, Uebersyren, L-5380, Luxembourg). 

Alternatively, you can come directly to 11 An Den Azengen, Uebersyren, L-5380, Luxembourg, and buy your books on the spot. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of all the books.

The payment procedure is done via bank transfer or by cash.


The price of every book are defined by All the books available for purchase and sale are on the website.  If your book is not on the website, we will not accept your books to be sold.