EuroBooks will remain closed for this year. However, if you create an account on, you will be the the first to be notified when Eurobook opens again!

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Welcome to EuroBooks! The second hand book shop for European School students!


It’s that time of the year again. The school term is ending and you must go through the hassle of buying schoolbooks for the next term. It’s always the same story: the list is wrong, the books are not available, the books are not shipped to Luxembourg or can sometimes not even be found! Not to mention the time and cost involved.

But starting this spring you will be able to save effort, time and money from the comfort of your home!

We are happy to present EuroBooks, the new online platform for European School books. EuroBooks will allow you to sell your old books to other students and buy second hand books from other students.

EuroBooks: Second Hand European Schoolbooks